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Mike Bennett

Great post Dory! I doubt you will get much postive feed back as what you are saying is not very popular but what you said needed to be said.

Carl Holmes

"I have also heard it said that if migrant farm workers were paid legal wages and worked under lawful conditions, we would all have to pay more for food. So is the argument that it is okay for us rich folk to have artificially low food prices supported on the backs of exploited workers? Is this justice?"

I agree, and lets apply the same thinking to oil prices. We have long been way to comfortable with Saudia Arabia so that we can have a regular supply of Gas and not have to exploit our own natural resources. We also are pretty cozy with China which is still a Communist regime, which still represses Christians and still does not guarantee basic security and freedom.

My question is "how far are you willing to apply this thinking?" I am emergent in my beliefs and I feel that Christians MUST get more involved in these situations, agree?

Martin LaBar

"What would Jesus do?" I wish I knew. You are right, I think, that He would deplore unhealthy and underpaid working conditions. Whose fault is this? You and a commenter are right that it's all of us, in one sense. It's also those who own some of these businesses, I guess, too.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Kenneth S. Fujii

Dory, this post is a nice change of pace, while focusing our everyday (not just Sundays) Christian community on public concerns.

Unfortunately, invasions (rarely by invitation) are almost always disruptive and destabilizing – whether it is our military adventure to Iraq, or acts of nature against our Gulf States, or friendly neighbors taking liberties with our southern borders. Civilized society’s (collectively, government) response to such disruption and destabilization should be planning and preparedness, restoration and order.

Our world community -- Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists – needs to continue with prayers for sensitive, inspired and decisive leadership, and for timely solutions of benevolence and justice for global as well as local community problems of increasing complexity -- even if a Washington Post article of 31 March, 2006, entitled, “Prayer Doesn’t Aid Recovery …” suggests that prayers are futile efforts.


Good post. This is a difficult topic for me for several reasons. First, my wife is Brazilian and she came here legally and we paid a lot of money (which was hard to come by) for her to become a legal permanent resident and we also put up with the INS' ineptness inprocessing paperwork (along with a long distance number that did not work to report their mistake of spelling her name wrong).

So when I hear cries of amnesty, I want a refund and more! I even wrote president Bush with those sentiments. Though I was a supporter of his for two elections, I abhored the idea of amnesty (by any name). I did not receive a response. Even Klinton responded to the letter I wrote him- generic, but a response. And I did not support him.

Sometimes when I see Mexicans in the streets waving their flag I become irritated and want to scream. In fact, I had two ideas: mine the boarder and consider anyone here illegally a threat to national security and issue the death penalty. I really don't want either of those to happen, but that was a line of thinking in reaction to stories of protests in support of illegal immigration.

Finally, I have friends who are Mexican, a couple of which I do not know if they are legal or not. I genuine like them and feel they are the type of people who should be able to be here legally. I try to keep from painting with a broad brush, but even with my friends (whether legal or not) I believe immigration should only be done legally.


Well done for writing about this topic, it's a bit of a minefield!

I live in the UK and the problems here would be similar. There are no easy answers but we must remember that these people should be treated properly whether they are here illegally or not.

In this country many are used like slaves effectively and are doing the jobs that others are not willing to do. Just last week a Chinese illegal immigrant who was here on a student visa was prosecuted and given a life sentence for the deaths of 21 Chinese immigrants who died in Morecambe Bay picking cockles. The tide came in and they all drowned sadly. The man prosecuted was the 'gangmaster' who arranged the work for them. You can read the story on the BBC news site.

Kenneth S. Fujii

Dory, my first response to your “Immigration Exploitation” post was perhaps too preoccupied with our role initiating the tragic destabilization of Iraq – but, whatever my reasons were for insufficiently acknowledging your thoughtful journalistic efforts, let me with apologies, attempt to refocus and try again.

Your concerns over activities attendant to illegal immigration are well taken; and the shadow world unfortunately breeds and sustains activities requiring vigilance. It is my personal observation, however, that most guest (and undocumented) workers transfer goodly portions of their earnings home to families, thereby obviating an excess of disposable income – the primary target of criminal activities. We find similar symbiotic relationships of disposable income and attendant shadowy activities with US military bases, big sports weekends, anytime in Las Vegas and other resort destinations -- all of which may not be morally upstanding in anyone’s eyes, but defined by law (for the most part) as legal.

Although I do not view employment of the undocumented (in contrast to immigrants with visitor and work permits) by otherwise compliant employers to be a socially threatening or destabilizing activity, I believe that fully legal employment must be an enforced community standard.

We all empathize with the demographic transition of communities, and especially older neighborhoods (due mostly to aging and less to immigration) – similar to when our grandparents traversed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to settle in America – a recurring social process, neither illegal nor inherently destructive. These changes should be embraced, while helping immigrants to learn social responsibilities as active participants in the vitalization of neighborhoods.

My bottom line immigration concerns are twofold: 1) leaky borders 2) permitting entry of criminals and criminal activities -- socially destructive and destabilizing activities, intended to prey upon the most open society in the history of the world. “If we can put a man on the moon … with our technology,” we should be able to control our borders. We must find a way to stop illegal activity at the point of entry – we have a way of life worth protecting and fighting for.

Now, like our congressional representatives, we need to put it to rest for awhile, to raise palm branches commemorating the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, and maybe dye a few Easter eggs, to anticipate the holiest of weeks celebrating the origins of our faith.


Legal immigration brings people into the country at the same social level as those already here with the exception of participiation in some public offices.

A class of exploitable people is not "liberty and justice for all." It is modern slavery garbed in aires of compassion to hide the truth of it nature.

Christians should be at the forefront. I personally do not place any stock in a revitalization of the Republican Party. I don’t place any trust in kings and rulers. We have seen what that has gotten us - out of control illegal immigration.

The Republicans still don’t get it. They have abandonded the conservative cause and a third party may be viable when enough conservatives lend their effort into it.

I have created a Wiki to discuss and plan for this. What would the platform look like? Who would potential candidates be?

If you want to contribute go to and join us in discussion. Contribute your ideas for what you would like to see as a viable alternative to the “still lost in the dark” Republican Party.

As people who are to proclaim liberty throughout the land we can lead this and find ourselves in compliance with the second great commandment of loving our neighbor as ourselves by preserving life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I see no profit in trying to revive a party which is as dead and rotting as a tree that has fallen in the forest.

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