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Michelle Potter

Beautiful, just beautiful.


Most Excellent...Thank you.

Rev John Telfer Brown

I just loved this Dory! It just warms my heart to hear this, bless you!



Wonderful analogy! Amazing to think we are "laborers together" with the Creator of the universe.

David Ketter

Very cool, Dory! An excellent point to answer this!


Excellent analogy! Thanks.


This is wonderful!! Thank-you.

cwv warrior

Sweetness...+ tears.

Dan Paden

A wonderful post--I believe I'll be reading it to my Sunday School class tomorrow.

Milton Stanley

That's a sweet story, Dory. Thanks for posting it. Peace.


You told the perfect story for a mom and daughter (and God). And what ran through my head was the video tape I made of my girls making cookies together for the first time. I had to keep stopping tape to help, but it was so much fun.


Wow. That's great. The things our children help us to see more clearly.

Carrie K.

That was wonderful -- thank you for letting us peek into your life.

Jason Dollar

Thanks for your creativity in illustrating our works with the Lord. Wow! To think that Augustine, Calvin, Luther, all those guys, well, they were in a sense baking cookies!

Another text that comes to mind, "Let the little children come to me." I hope that believers who read this post will remember that we are God's children indeed (John 1:12).


An absolutely beautiful story, we can all relate too. Reminds me of the style Jesus told his parables in. Love it!


Just beautiful!

Can I pass it on? I might link to it in my next post if you don't mind...


GM Roper

Dory, I don't think I've ever read a story about cookies, or any thing else that was so heartwarming. Thanks for sharing that little bit of yourself and your daughter.

Sarah of WA

Have you given up the web?

Sarah of WA

I miss you. Have you given up blogging?

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