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The Garden

So many people who have written about the effort to save Terri have emphasized the hope that she will "recover." On the other side, those who want to terminate her life say that because she has no higher brain function, she is already dead. It is time to address this serious error.

Terri is a miracle--a living person who is without sin, and without the capacity to sin. For fifteen years, she has lived as sinless a life as an unborn baby. She has never angered. She has never cursed. She has never experienced an impure thought. She has never defied her father or her mother--and how beautifully and steadfastly have they honored their bond with her. She has served as a perfect example of sinless devotion.

Who among us, in prayer, has not been frustrated at our inability to shut out the world, to give ourselves to God in perfect concentration and devotion? Is not Terri's example a gift to us?

Some may say that to live in Terri's state is somehow less than human. This is wrong! It is the life our first father and mother, Adam and Eve, led in Eden before, through Eve's transgression, sin entered the world. Terri is living in that primordial perfect state.

We were created in the image of God, but we marred that image through the disobedience of Adam. Every child is conceived in the same perfection as our first parents, and our Savior, but takes on Adam's sin at birth--that's why even at the moment of birth, a baby's first act is to cry for her lost innocence. Through Terri, we have a living example of God's perfect image, uncontaminated by sin. It is not for Terri that we fight to restore life-giving nutrients and water; she will have eternal life with her heavenly Father when she leaves us. It is for the gift she gives to us by her blessed example of a sinless life on this earth.


Wow. GREAT GREAT links. Thanks!


The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.


It is always nice to be reminded that there are still thinking liberals out there whose opinions are the result of their own thoughts and convictions as opposed to getting their talking points from NPR and blindly supporting whatever is endorsed by mainstream liberal dogma.


Thank you Ri.

What if all the trees were oaks
How plain the world would seem;
No maple syrup, banana splits,
And how would orange juice be?
Wouldn't it be a boring place?
If all the people were the same;
Just one color, just one language,
Just one family name!
But -
If the forest were the world,
And all the people were the trees;
Palm and pine, bamboo and willow,
Live and grow in harmony.
Aren't you glad, my good friend,
Different though we be;
We are here to help each other.
I learn from you, and you, from me.


Thanks for the mention of my entry. Only thing is...I'm a female. :)

By the way, this entry you just wrote is another keeper. You're a great writer. Keep up the good work!

From Dory: Oh! Sorry! I fixed it. That happens to me all the time. I hate doing it to others.


Also Joe Lieberman.

Also me.


No problem, Dory.


Even Jesse Jackson has come out against strving Terri too death.


Here's another who supports Terri, and all like her who are intentionally misdiagnosed so they can be dispatched by their future ex-spouses with a court order. The media have done a valiant job covering the minute aspects of the law, while forgetting that Terri is isolated, alone, afraid, and very much a thinking human being. We have been accused of "humanizing a vegetable", when the real crime is that we've dehumanized a woman.

There are more and more nurses coming forward to attest to that very fact. It's horrible what's going on, and I hope there's a way to stop it, even now. But at least - at last - the truth is beginning to come out.

Liberals & Conservatives For Terri

Gun-Toting Liberal

It's DAMN fine of you to point the fact out that this is NOT a "partisan" issue. Thank you SO MUCH for doing that!

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