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By intervening on behalf of Schiavo's parents, the Republicans in Congress are trying to prolong the poor woman's suffering. One wonders what the poor woman did in her previous life to deserve a sentence of 15 years with a feeding tube. Apparently, that's not a problem for Republicans.

But that's not surprising: the GOP is on record for believing in torture. It's part of compassion for Conservatives to promote pain; enduring torture is redemptive and prepares the victim for the Rapture.


Well, if the facts are as the parents claim them to be, she shouldn't be allowed to die. But, that's still not a reason for alleged conservatives to violate federalist principles (which they now only mention when convenient).

Really, none of this seems like the business of the federal government. The Supremes could get involved if there were a significant issue of federal law involved, but the strongest claim I saw in the motion, due process concerns that arise out of conflicts of interest, is still more a state issue than anything, and it's not even clear that there is a federally cognizable conflict of interest at all.

On the other hand, there is something pretty important at stake here; I'd expect this to be a tough call for a principled conservative (assuming there's one left).

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