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Rev John Telfer Brown

This is a fantastic post and one which should be read by every Christian!


Dory--one of your best. Thanks.

Dave Holsclaw

Wonderful post. For more on this theme, I recommend "Christ, the Believer's Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification and Redemption" by George Whitefield.


Excellent Dory. I leanred this practically by painful experience in a church years ago. I think it's very easy to slide into elitism - thank God he is our joy and he works within us. This is good stuff.

Sarah of WA

My pride knows no bounds.

Sometimes I don't even realize it's pride until I have fallen so low, feeling "I am better than "

Humility is HARD.

Good post. Thanks for the reminder. I've been in a church exactly like that -- for several years. I didn't see anything wrong because everything they asked us to do were NOT wrong things. They were "good things" so it took me a long time to realize that it was not really scripture, but a personality we were following.

Even good works can be wrong when done with the wrong heart.

There is an Adventures in Odyssey that talks about this disparity "Right-Right"

Right actions done for the right reasons
Right actions done for the wrong reasons
Wrong actions done for the right reasons
and Wrong actions done for the wrong reasons

Milton Stanley

This one's a keeper, Dory, strong from start to finish. I posted on it at my blog. Peace.

Meredith B.

Wow, Dory, I've been learning the same lessons. This post has been very encouraging in showing me how God has His purposes in working in all of His children. Let's look to Christ who is our righteousness. Amen, sister.

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