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Dory ~

Wow! You certainly had a busy day.

Thank you for taking on such an ambitious project and for helping to save Terri's life.


Well done Dory. I'm not the sort that gets on a blog cause but this situation is constantly on my mind and in my prayers. I pray we can be part of making a difference for Terri.

cwv warrior

God bless you, you did it! and God forgive us.


Dory, What a beautiful and moving work you have put together. Thank you for adding to the "good" in the blogosphere.


As the father of a multiply handicapped son I have a personal stake in what happens to Terri. I have followed the case and the many who are outraged by her years long abuse. Thanks for fighting those who would murder Terri and many others including my youngest son who I have posted complete with pictorial history about on my journal\blog.


Terri breathes on her on and maintains her own blood pressure, she requires a simple tube into her abdomen to her stomach for nourishment and hydration.

Cozy Bunch of Killers:
Judge George Greer:
"I don't want anyone trying to feed that girl," Greer thundered.
Ruler of the Kangaroo Court set on killing Terri Schiavo. Worked side by side as county commissioner with Barbara Sheen Todd (county commissioner) for eight YEARS. Barbara Sheen Todd is on the board of the hospice. Also, Judge Greer's fellow judge, Judge John Lenderman is the brother of Martha Lenderman (also on the hospice board! And more.....
Michael's 6'6" - probably 260 pounds, and he, he's very intimidating physically. Uh, I think he bullies girls around as much as he can. I think he intimidates women.
What is Michael Schiavo afraid of?


Thank you for the opportunity to say this:
If Terri's husband is so het up to let her
starve to death, then he should not eat or
drink anything until she dies. Then, if
he is still alive, he will know the pain
he put her through.


Two weeks ago a thirty nine year old lady in Kansas came out of a coma. She had been in her coma for twenty years after being struck by a car as she walked across a parking lot.
It used to be thought that you had a small "window in time" to recover from a stroke after which your chances decreased greately. Current research indicates this is not true and seems to suggest one can recover almost any time; even years later.
Terri Schiavo is not even in a coma. Cannot her loved ones move her elsewhere away from a setting where they want to starve her?


I have emailed Jeb Bush personally with a message asking him to consider what he might be able to do in his position concerning Terri Schaivo. I am just one small voice I told the governor speaking for one who cannot speak for theirself. This directive comes straight from the word of God. Any judge who sentences a living being to death giving a death date should come himself under the judgement of committing premeditated murder. God help us.


Help impeach Judge Greer at the following website......


I've written a song about Terri Schiavo which I hope to have recorded soon. The chorus reads:

She's kept like a bird in a barren cage.
'Cos her husband keeps it bare.
No pictures, no music, no pets, no TV.
Her life is so lonely there.
But Terri is loved by her family
and by thousands from coast to coast.
Though_her life has been sold for corrupt men's gold
she refuses to give up the ghost.

The full text is here along with a MIDI file (The melody is a little different from "A Bird in the Golden Cage").


"A Bird in a Barren Cage" .wma is available at (visit my blog and leave comments about the song there).


Didn't Dr. Kevorkian go to prison for euthanasia? How is this inconsistency possible under US law? I wish a legal expert would compare Dr. Death's conviction with Michael Schaivo's attempts to kill his wife with the court's blessing. Perhaps a legal expert could also compare the Schaivo case with actual cases in Florida where people starved dogs or cats to death. What is the penalty for that?

Rae Stabosz

Drudge Report has released an audio tape of Terri responding to her father on Friday afternoon.

The link at the Drudge Report is flooded but you can also hear it here:

Hear Terri.

She does not sound like someone who will not feel being starved to death. She sounds, in fact, like a brain-damaged child of my acquaintance who is being raised at home by his mother.

This tape is witness to a human life being lived although debilitated, for those who have ears to hear.



It seems to me that this situation inolves more emotions than clear thinking and practical application of the scriptures.

From all I have read in regards to Terri's situation and substantiated by several of the court's physicians, Terri has been diagnosed as in a vegitative state, with the chance of recovery remote.

Since the scriptures were written our world has changed dramatically. The ability for the medical profession to keep a human being alive when under normal circumstances they would die is now available in a lot of cases.

But should that warrant us keeping someone alive with total disregard to the state that person is in. A vegitative state is not "life" it is existance which is not cognitive.

I am a born again believer, but do not agree that "life" in a vegitative state is what we should be promoting.

If God wanted Terri to continue to experience life, would he not provide the means for her to receive healing?...from any number of ways. We as followers of Christ, have him to call on to provide the miracle of total healing.

After 16 years in this same state I doubt that is what God intends...It is we that are holding her back from experiencing The joy of entering into his presence.

As the apostle Paul wrote in one of the Philippians verses 21-23 of the new testament, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain" and "I am hard pressed from both directions having a desire to depart and be with Christ, for that is much better." I see the passing of Terri to be much better, than what she experiences right now

If Terri is to continue to experience life, then let one led by the Lord Jesus lay hands apon her, and bring about total healing, otherwise let her pass on to a much better place.

In Christ, Daniel

Sonja Rork

Concerning the Terri Schiavo news at this present time~ I keep seeing "The Right to Die" phrase. Does this not show a partial siding by the many news stations towards Terri's husband? Why not call this story "Man's Decision to Choose Life or Death"? However, you know, that decision making is suppose to be God's job!
Because I am pro-life, (which does not seem like the popular/politically correct belief today) I look at this situation in a totally different way. Our Father in Heaven is the Creator of human life. He is the Giver of Life and there is no variance in the shadow of His turning meaning He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His Holy Spirit reveals in the book of Deuteronomy, “Look, I set before you death and life. Choose life.” Whether life or death in a spiritual sense or in the natural now~ CHOOSE LIFE!
We are told by God not to murder. Yes, assisting in suicide is murder in the Lord's eyes. Some may try to justify murder by calling it mercy killing. Murder is murder. What some people do not ever think about in their emotional decision making is when their decisions are not based upon the Word of God, there are negative consequences for that.
What also concerns me about mercy killing is~ at what point will this all stop? Who will decide the factors in who is disabled enough in order to end their life? What about euthanasia? We will all get old someday. At what age will we be put to death for someone's convenience? Murder is a form of hate and this all could lead to another Holocaust. Where is the regard for human life? Murderous blood is on the hands of the judge(s) and those who deny Terri her life. They are no different than Pontius Pilot.
Real love does not kill, steal or destroy. Real love is when we make the sacrifice for that loved one. Which in Terri's case should be a husband who will sacrificially take care of his wife` for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, through sickness and health until death do they part. This word "death" meaning~ when Almighty God says it is time to leave this earth. If Terri's husband does not want to be faithful to her by preserving her life, then why not desert her over to her loving parents and family. They will surely care for her. But then wouldn't this prove him unfaithful~ he would rather play the mercy killer! Is he not the same as Kevorkian?
My most sincere prayers and thoughts to Terri's parents, family and friends and supporters who believe and trust the Lord in this situation, who know and who are willing to be obedient unto the Lord no matter what their own personal sacrifices may be in order to preserve the life of a human being. I am sure they welcome our prayers.
How sadly ironic this Schiavo situation is during this Easter season. Jesus Christ came to die once and for all so that we may have eternal life. He was willing to make that personal sacrifice for us so that we may know Him as Savior and receive His Promise of Eternal Life with Him in Heaven someday, and to have life abundantly in Him here on Earth no matter what we may face. In the Schiavo case~ a husband wants to sacrifice his wife so he can selfishly have a temporary comfortable life in this temporary world. Again, how sadly ironic this situation is during this Easter season.

G. Hubbard

I read all of this with increasing distress, and I must ask a question of all of you fuming about Terri Schiavo. Why don't I see any of you when I visit nursing homes? I pass room after room of lonely folks, who'd kill for a visitor, sell their souls for someone to come in and listen to their stories.
As a liberal, I find it tragically comic that in the nursing homes I have visited, conservative republican Christians are as rare as atheists in a natural disaster. And please don't start about how "In our section of the country, what you're saying just isn't true..." Because it is.
As a nation, we abandon our elderly unless they suit our political needs, liberal or conservative.
So give an hour a week, even half an hour a week. If celebrating and preserving the dignity and blessedness of life are important to you, why do so few of you visit the Terri Schiavo's of this world? Put your body where your bible is and just start visiting someone. Anyone. But do it now. God is watching us and SHE's not amused.


I'm glad we have a government founded on freedom of religion, freedom of speech. After having read a few of the ridiculous and uninformed arguments posted I reaffirm why I left any religious connection to a church and your ideas of a god behind. I too would rather die in a few weeks than be held prisoner to a horrible comatose existence for 16 YEARS with no hope of recovery. Imagine how she must have suffered because her parents refuse to let go of her mortal shell. They hold her in a state of hostage because THEY can't face her death. The person who was Terri will never exist again, is already gone. Left behind is a puppet kept alive by the cruely of the Schindlers. Let her remains go and stop punishing her for your inability to deal with reality.


I am an active duty military member (and Register Nurse)with many co-workers and friends serving in the middle east. I have seen the death and destruction of war and I've seen the suffering and neglect in nursing homes. I'm glad that the Schindlers have managed to drag out and elevate this issue long enough that MY commander in chief (and congress/senate)have to deal with this instead of making decision concerning the the men/women fighting in Iraq. Maybe I should sue the Schindlers for the life of every military member that dies while the presidents is dealing with their issue.

Carla Wood

In this country, millions of people fight every day for the unborn, who live by the grace of an umbilical "feeding tube." Terri lives -- or did -- by a feeding tube.

The fetus cannot speak to defend itself. Neither can Terri.

The fetus is helpless, and completely innocent – to be protected by those who are stronger. So is Terri.

We do not know how much conscious thought the fetus is capable of. Neither do we know what Terri may be thinking, as tubes are removed, reinserted, and argued over around the world. As she hears that her husband has a new woman and a child. As she lies helpless, while the person who may have caused her situation argues for her death.

Should the rights of the unborn terminate with birth? Do we not owe the helpless LIVING something?

Why has she not received therapy? Do we actually know that her husband "found her" -- or did he have some part in her heart attack? Yesterday, Pat Boone revealed that he has discovered information about the police report concerning the night of the 911 call and Terri’s heart attack. The information indicates that the police wanted to take the husband in for questioning or even charge him because the scene looked so suspicious to them. Even though this assessment was made by professionals, this was somehow swept under the rug, and nothing was done.

Now that Mr. Schiavo has another woman and a child by her, why is he even still referred to as Terri’s "husband?" And why does he even care about this case anymore?

This man was offered millions of dollars to back off and he would not. Why?

My own instinct tells me that he is terrified that Terri will regain consciousness and out him as having caused her situation.

Terri may not be able to ask us to keep her tube in or to pull it. But she is also unable to tell us what happened, to demand that he be disinherited, or to ask for a divorce.

Last night, the husband's attorney said that his client is sitting at his wife's side, where he will stay till she dies -- as though that were a noble act, somehow, when he is killing her. It was chilling to me. I believe he is guarding her, lest she rally at the final moment and accuse him.

If the umbilical connection between mother and fetus is destroyed due to the murder of the mother, many states charge the murderer with manslaughter of the infant, as well. This was illustrated recently in the Scott Peterson case.

The facts in this case are simple: Terri is alive. She is conscious. The last time I checked, killing someone in that state of being was called murder. Yet, we have judges who sit like apathetic onlookers watching an assault – and they do nothing. This is a sad day for humanity.

Kim Roden

Is Judge Greer married? I just wondered if he has something against women. He's got to have something mentally wrong with him to ignore so many facts and just go on the word of one very questionable man. To respond to the military person above. You don't think the President can deal with more than one issue at a time? Should he not be speaking of the social security issue right now either? or where we can get more oil? He is dealing with Irag and every other country in the middleast right now!!!! Terri's case recieved so much attention because she has not be given due process. If we are fighting in Iraq so make things better there, we had better be sure we are doing things right in our homeland.


Very often in our history, there have been instances of one group of people or another being discriminated against, their rights denied or abused, and when we as a nation have corrected these wrongs it always began with one case and more often than not with a case that drew wide public attention.


Since Michael Schiavo will not allow Terri to have a proper burial and insist on cremating her , (was that cremation also her wishes also Michael ?) or just another way to control and cover up, when Michael does cremate Terri , I think Terri supporters should go to Michael and Jodi home on MARRIE CT CLEARWATER, FL (off of Enterprise) around the clock to mourn Terri forever and I hope the public will never let them live in peace. but remind them daily that the public will never forget that they murdered Terri. I also believe Jodi was part of this murder. Terri will have the last word after the autopsy .Terri go in peace and be with God

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