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Your creativity and insight are remarkable, refreshing, and challenging. Your unique perspective on things enriches me, and I look forward to reading your posts every day.

This one is even better than "Are You Bad Enough . . ." and "AYBE" was outstanding.

I almost regret not having you higher in my Top Ten list.


Vaughn Adams

"What Choice?"
"The Baby's Already Alive."

Hence, there is no option regarding the life of the baby (even if only a bioligical mass). If Choice proponents exercise their so-called "choice," they must kill the child.

The "choice" for life was made before conception. To exercise that "choice" required the sex act to bring forth the "chosen life." But once life begins, there is no choice left regarding its existance. It does.

So it is impossible for Pro-Choice proponents to chose life. That decision has already been made and acted on. To exercise a "Pro-Choice" position requires the destruction of living human tissue. (A very young boy or girl for most of us). "Pro-Choice" is, in reality, "Pro-Death."


Wow. I'm forwarding this to some friends of mine.




Milton Stanley

Bam! You nailed the essence of that argument. Beautiful work.

Jeremy Pierce

Most pro-choicers mean a fetus has no moral rights when they say it's not a person. They don't mean legal rights, because changing the law to deny Roe v. Wade would then force them to become pro-life, and they don't tgink the law has that kind of authority.

I think there's a fallacy in the argument. What you're calling nature is just the right of someone to have absolute control over their own body. Men have that as well as women do. What men have no right to is control over the result of a fertilization from sperm, but the most careful arguments for allowing abortion say the same about a wman's egg, i.e, that she doesn't have a right to the death of the fetus, just to its removal, assuming she has a low enough level of moral resonsibility for its being there in the first place.

That means abortion-on-demand is out, as is any procedure after the possibility of viability that doesn't try to save the child's life, but it's a consistent position that allows some abortions. What's wrong with it isn't to do with inconsistently applying the moral principles involved.

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