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BOTH my parents love to skeet shoot also (I think that's what they call it). I don't quite get it.

Happy New Year to you!


Well, Mandy, I suppose it could be worse. He could enjoy shooting real birds, in which case he would likely bring his kill back home with him. I had a dog once who used to do that, and it wasn't much fun. (grin)


Lovely story, Dory, with a happy ending. I'm just glad MY husband didn't want that. He is the world's worst at assembling things (turns the air quite blue in the process) - and this thingy sounds like a definite challenge in that department. (Enjoy your blog BTW.)


Since I have three daughters, anyone of whom might chanced on your post, I want to put it on record that no, just because your husband makes the money in the family that doesn't mean you are in no position to argue about the wisdom of such extravagant waste. The husband and wife are supposed to be equal and mutually submissive to one another and a team, etc. You have as much right to condemn it as your husband's obvious inordinate love for something so trivial. Oh, yes, I don't get why they call it a bird, either! Wonder if it is any good roasted or deep-fried? Heh


Well, Bloke, there is no sense in sheltering your girls from the cold hard reality of an oppressive Christian marriage. Lord willing, they will have to face it one of these days anyway.

The expenditure of four (nearly worthless) American dollars for a case of fifty of these clay birds is a difficult cross for me to bear. However, Hubby does help to make up for the loss when he brings home gobs of money and (every night when he does the dishes) cheerfully washes out the Ziplock bags so we can reuse them. I am trying to bear with him. I think we will be able to make ends meet as long as enough people click on my advertisers' links...(sly grin)

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