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Love it, so funny in a sad by true way.

Phil Dillon

There aren;t many blogs I read that I can say are really outstanding. This is one of the best.

Keep up the great work. The truths you bring are needed. They may wound occasionaly, but they are the words of a friend who cares!

rick luoni

This was fantastic. Funny, but so true. Wow. Whatever happened to the idea of just being real?

I may add this to my blog. Great post!



Thank you all for the kind comments. I'm afraid the thing that makes this one funny is the same thing that makes it sad. It rings so true. Nothing new under the sun, eh?

David Wayne

Ooh - that's good stuff Dory. Sounds like you've been there done that.

King of Fools

Very nicely done. I've seen this game played well enough to rival the action in today's NBA. Although neither playing nor spectating are very satisfying.


I'm afraid this game is a bit like a freight train going down hill. Even if everyone thinks it's a good idea, it's awfully difficult to get the darn thing to stop.


Dude, did you used to go to my church! LOL!


This reminds me of the game 'Sorry'. Nobody is really sorry.

The clear winner? That would be Satan. We as Christians need to remember that we are supposed to be on God's side not this leader or that. Joshua had this pointed out to him at least once.

Joshua 5:13-15

Who's side are we on? I hope we're on God's side rather than expecting him to be on ours. So, just as the Angel of the Lord refused to take sides, I hope that the church I joined can stop playing this game and get back to following orders from the Captain.

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