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William Brewster is related to me!


It's always nice to meet a cousin!


'stumbled into your great Blog while researching one of my 8th
great-great grandfather's, William Brewster - (Wm Bradford was one of my 7th gg grandfathers) was making exactly the statement
you did re the correlation of the printing press and the Internet: to
my editor, quote: "I do love this thing call the Internet! It will be
known as the biggest leap forward for individual freedom - via
dissemination and accessibility of information - since Gutenberg's machine - so
say I."
As you probably know, the Crown put a price on Brewster's head for
"sedition" - his publishing/printing of tracts against the Crown and
churches total control over individuals. They set the Pinkerton detectives
on his trail - and that's exactly what they did for years - "trail" him
back and forth from England to Holland and back again, but never
caught him - even on his final trip to England, preparatory to embarking
for the new World - smuggled aboard the Mayflower.

' have shortcutted your site for perusal during long winter

Thank you - marion [email protected]

Brewster Wilson

My aunt says that we are related to William Brewster. To my knowledge we have 2 relatives named Brewster. I am the only one with the first name of Brewster. The furthest back my aunt could research for our family tree was to somewhere in England. I believe William Brewster was from my grandma's side-- her last name was Higley. I am honored to be a descendant. God Bless!!!!

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