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steven davis

those here illegally are here because of the corruption in the governments of thecountries they departed. in that way they are the same as those who came here at the turn of the century. the difference is that they blame us for their governments and refuse to owe any allegience to this country where they are working, living and buying property. most are good law-abiding citiens of whom their parent countries are not worthy. these good people are being use as 'poster children' by those who wish to bring this country down by overwhelming us with nationals who will not acknowledge this country. I have had the mexican flag shoved in my face. my reply to those doing this was go back from whence you cme and take your flag with you. Mexico's treatment of anyone unlucky enough to attract the attention of either law enforcement or drug traffickers is suffcient for a complaint of human rights violation. the powers that be in this country who make their profits by exploiting whatever population is handy have used their clout in squelching the stories of malfeasance and brutality in mexico and corruptio and unfair dealings in this country. their stated intent is o integrate this country with the global economy they are in charge of in stifle if not outright erase all opposition and anything and everything christian. to this end the muslims and the catholic church is being used to undermine this country and our place in the world. the seeds of the recent unrest date back to papal pronouncements that demanded of the 'faithful' a complete separation from the protestant heretics and commitment to the holy mother church that the apostate government called democracy be brought down and replaced with a regime that will bow the knee top the vatican. these sermons were preacched in loa angeles and elsewhere around the turn of the sentury. as a result of a reasonable concern borne out of what was heard coming from the pulpits of the catholic churches, anyone who looked foriegn or refused to speak english was ostracized from society as a whole due to being viewed as an insurgent. the same is true today. those papal edict were not retracted with vatican 2, only re-emphacized. the re-conquista of southern california will only happen when the law abiding citizens are disarmed. personally, i am looking to the coming of my lord and savior Jesus Christ, Ya-shua ha Mesiach. we as humans are incapable of governing ourselves and the churcch is simply incompetent to do so.

cwv warrior

Many voters must be rife with White Guilt.(See my post on Shelby Steel's article in Opinion Journal)


If Washington is out of touch it's our fault!
Maybe I'm slow, or maybe our elected representatives are completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. If you're sitting there, like me, scratching your head and boiling mad about the immigration and illegal alien issues, and wondering how anyone can vote for a guest worker program or against closing the borders or against deportation, then it's not the lawmakers we should be mad at. It's the American public. Have you emailed, called, faxed, visited, or otherwise let your Senators, Representatives, President Bush, and our Vice-President how you feel on the issue? Have you told everyone you can to do the same? I guarantee you that if everyone that voted for an American Idol contestant this week got in touch with their elected officials, the bill that comes out of Washington would be very, very different that what they're working on now. How many of the average people on the street are fed up with the problem but have done nothing about it? The answer is most of them.

I watched President Bush on TV Monday night [see this post for my reaction], a President I was intensely proud of after 9/11, and I was very disappointed. What has happened? We, the American public assume, not act. We must act. Otherwise how can our leaders know what we want?

Sure President Bush's speech sounded good at first, but a guest worker program is amnesty no matter how you try to spin it - look up amnesty in the dictionary.

Any illegal alien or immigrant that commits a crime (more serious than speeding) should be deported - there's no need to let them have three misdemeanors before deporting them.

Slapping illegal aliens with a fine and letting them live here while working on citizenship IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Worrying about what anyone in Mexico thinks about us putting up a fence and guarding our own border is absolutely ludicrous (as for Ted Kennedy, sir, I think that a big fence sends the exact message that the majority of Americans want sent).

And, while I'm thinking about it, how can Mexico or any of its citizens sue us or anyone in the United States for building a fence or apprehending illegal aliens on American soil?

This is what I want, and I think this is what most Americans want:

- We must put an end to Federal and State support of illegal aliens and illegal immigrants (financial support like Social Security).
- We must close up and secure our borders.
- We must give warning that we will not tolerate gangs, drugs, and criminals coming across the border and that will arm our military with lethal force and allow them to use it.
- We must stop granting citizenship automatically to infants born on American soil of parents that are illegal aliens or illegal immigrants.
- We do not want a guest worker program.
- We want illegal aliens and illegal immigrants rounded up and deported.
- We do not want a path to citizenship for illegal aliens and illegal immigrants.
- We want laws that protect American citizens from being sued for protecting their property and possessions.

We must keep passing the word about this and asking people to get involved. Take my short list of above items and send it to your elected officials. Get your friends, neighbors to do the same.

Be sure to give your name and address so that you will be taken seriously when contacting your elected officials.
Click Here to Contact Your Elected Officials.

Until Next Time,

John-Michael Davis

Well I will be getting involved but only to make sure that my representatives know that at least some people are reasonable.

The argument about our pourous borders needing to be "sealed" as a matter of national security is absurd. We cannot seal our borders. The cost in attempting to do so is completely inhibitive. We would need not only to seal every inch of our land borders with Mexico and Canada, but also every inch of our coastline. Israel's experience with a border fence has shown its inability to prevent determined incursion.

Illegal immigration is good for our economy. Its good for Mexico's economy, and its good for the world's too. The free flow of capital, goods, and labor across borders is essential for the creation of wealth. Inhibiting those factors only stifles the creation of wealth. I agree that the abuse of our welfare system needs to stop, but the economic imperative of cheap labor in this country simply will not go away, ever. We therefore need a program that allows the government to manage the cheap labor, i.e. a guest worker program.

On a final note, I find this intense gut reaction against illegal immigrants to have an intense disregard for the plight of our fellow human beings that in no way makes me feel the message of Christ. These are people seeking out a better life for themselves and their families. How can we, who were simply born with a much better lot in life, call them criminals for wanting their family to have an opportunity to escape poverty.

Undeniably there are undesirable elements in the immigrant population. I cannot attempt to deny that. However, that element is not representative of the whole and cannot logically be used as an argument against all illegal immigrants. Plenty of our homegrown citizens choose unfortunate paths as well.

Monty Thies

Perhaps I have a gift of discernment, but while much is said on this and many other topics these days, I see this particular issue the same as many others. Our elected officials play politics with everything - as concerns this issue, anyone here illegally should be asked to leave and re-enter, if necessary, legally. We cannot sneak into other countries and be allowed to stay there if discovered, no difference here. It's worldwide policy....not just us.

Also, as far as sponsoring people so they will not have to be on government programs - who sponsors US in case we run into hard times? Our families may do what they can, but that's about it - otherwise we are left to the "system" for our well being. Why should it be different for anyone else?

It's just a simple case of administering the same punishment, if you will, as we would have to suffer if we violated our laws, so I see no difference.

I was glad to see, by the way, someone refer to "illegal aliens" rather than "illegal immigrants". There are no illegal immigrants - immigrants have come here legally. Which, incidentally, includes most of our own ancestors.

Jamie Jackson

Why do you say all this stuff about are senators and president. They believe that illegals showed be given a chance to be here. They only come to earn more money to support there families. Where are u going to see someone working for minimum wage or you are never going to see any of u picking lettuce, tomatoes, or strawberrys in fields. They are not criminals, they are regular people like you. Have you ever met one. You need to no a person before you judge someone.

danny tovar

Many, maybe most white Evangelical christians are compasionless and so far from what Christ was all about. While I agree that we must strenghten our borders, the way christians are demonizing illegal immigrants is only cold and without heart. I personally am in touch with the illegal community and these people are warm and good people who are living in fear and pain. Christ was all about reaching out to the outcast. White christians are doing the opposite.


Illegal aliens aren't good for the economy, it proven that they take more than they contribute. Besides, if our immigration laws are ignored what laws are to be ignored next? I've had two good friends killed by illegals, in other words if these illegals would have stayed in their own countries my friends would still be alive.

Also, I was let go in my job and replaced by a low wage illegal alien twice in three years. That's not too encouraging.

I'm not very excited about what the Pope said recently, that the Catholic church was the only Christian church. This is wrong. In my opinion the Pope has become evil personified. Enough said.


The illegal immigrants bring shame to this country.
And this contry is sending wrong information to the world, that is, if you break our law, you will be welcomed.
Do you want America become a third world country soon, by allowing millions more illegal aliens come here and create overpopulation here?

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