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cwv warrior

Okay, I'll bite. Dory is right about the finding of "unalterable truths of conscience". I've actually thought of blog suicide and saying what I really think on this. I believe in theocracy. I have never heard anyone, leader-wise, say this. Since I learned about the "creator-redeemer distinction", found in early reformation documents (I'd have to look it up), I have decided Christianity could very well work, tangled in a government document. Of course, freedom of conscience goes with the deal. Citizens are to behave under the law of the Creator in civil matters, which to me should include some morality issues which influence the young. (porn, sodomy, civility in public language, blasphemy) The Redeemer is never jammed down anyone's throat, the Creator is. Thus, our source of Truth in Law is the Creator. Envy? That is a command which only hurts yourself until you go ahead and steal it. It's a sticky wicket and I don't see us ever getting back to such a State.


I hear you, cwv. Theocracy is a word I hear bantied about in the press a lot these days. It's just another way of comparing the so-called religious right with the Islamicists. (Sigh.) But, to be more precise, theocracy is what Israel had before Saul when God directly ruled them, told them when to go to war, etc. It literally means God rules.

Theonomy, however, means that God's law is the basis of the law of the land. That's what Israel had from Saul onward, more or less depending on whether they had a good king or a tyrant king at the time. It's probably more along the lines of what you and I are talking about, and the best we could hope for right now.

Unfortunately, theonomy is a dirty word in many Christian circles, I think mostly because of misunderstanding and partly because of some theonomists who take a pharisaical approach to it.

A country like Iran could be fairly characterized as a theonomy. Unfortunately, they have misidentified what is the true God's true law and applied a law that isn't just.

It just ain't easy being ruled by sinful men, eh? Praise God that King Jesus is on His throne and we will have a blessed theocracy for all eternity!

cwv warrior

Amen! Thanks for the new word, theonomy. What concerns me most is the checks and balances being out of wack so that injustices like Terri Schindler Schaivo can even play out. In this great country, sinful rulers, including judges, are supposed to be stoppable, aren't they? The bottom line is the people ruling (by the people), with a thing called "right to resist" when it gets bad. God was going to be our final Authority, not men, which is why Adams and atleast one other leader(?) said the republic wouldn't stand without a moral people. Thus, the sheer tragedy of taking Bible from our children. Truly, Jesus is our only Hope.

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