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It is interesting that people excuse invitro, as if disposing of human life to create human life should be acceptable so therefore it is ok, even amongst some who claim a biblical worldview. I disagree as you do. It is closely aligned with using human embryos for research; their suggestion is that creating a life with invitro, though disposes of other lives, is none the less one fertilized egg that would never have had a chance to live otherwise. Should that life have been created in the first place if its creation is contingent upon the deaths of others? It is startling that Europe would lead the way on this issue with regards to their regulations which are more stringent than our own. Invitro appears to be big business in America and I can not help but wonder if that plays a major role in our current policy.

Abraham Lincoln

I say go for it and make Bush continue to look like an idiot.

cwv warrior

The lack of interest here would indicate Nancy Pearcey is right on. Many Christians don't get involved and apply their worldview to their lives outside the family. It is only thanks to Dr. Dobson that we even do that! As you might notice, I never commented either : ( Invitro is embedded like common law marriage. We won't be regulating it any time soon. if and when it happens, there should be a one per one law. It is hideous how we disregard the value of human life.
It will be a great accomplishment if the stem cell research can be stopped on embryos. The research shows successful application of stem cells involves those from adults. Embryos are batting zero!

Stuart DiNenno

Dory asked: "What kind of regulation of the in vitro fertilization process would you consider reasonable and favor for adoption in your country?"

I think that this sort of tampering with human reproduction is despicable. But as a Christian, I think that it is my responsibility to regulate my own behavior in accordance with scriptural precepts and to try to lead others down the same path. I don't concern myself with trying to regulate the behavior of entire nations (which largely consist of unbelievers or nominal Christians) by getting involved in the legal or political processes.


The really frustrating thing about this to me is, in hospitals across our country, cord blood, which is chock full of stem cells, is either being discarded as medical waste or being banked by the wealthy in order to treat some diseased family history. Cord blood, however, typically can not be used to treat someone in the same family because the disease is often genetically passed down. But, it can be donated and used for others. WHY oh WHY is no one passing regulations on cord blood? It should be harvested at every healthy live vaginal birth. It seems, though, that most people don't know about it and those that do, think that you can only bank it for thousands of dollars. I agree with you, though, it is a sign of our depravity as a nation to dispose of human life as though it were yesterday's newspaper. It is easy for me to pass judgement, though, because I have never had a fertility problem. But I believe Christians are treading a fine line when partaking in IVF and should be extremely careful and prayerful when considering how many eggs are harvested and the plans for any extra embryos. I believe that ALL of the embryos, regardless of quality should be treated as though they were the best quality. Transferring the lesser quality ones to a mother without the hormone therapy necessary to facilitate their implantation is no better than discarding them. The are simply discarded from a uterus instead of a petri dish. Be careful infertile believers. Ends do not justify means.

Sharon Simons

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